Thursday, 18 December 2008


Following on from the previous post about the failed attempt to impose a congestion charge on Greater Manchester, I did a search for local political blogs on the subject and found The Leader's Blog. This is the weblog of Councillor Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council (hereinafter referred to as The Leader). For some reason unknown to me, instead of taking advantage of one of the many free blog hosting services that exist (like this one, for instance) The Leader has decided to make his blog (which is of course full of his personal political opinions) part of the official Manchester City Council website. No idea how much this is costing the innocent council tax payer, but is it really appropriate for a party political blog to be hosted on an official site? Not in my book. It's worth visiting though, just remember to stand to attention while you're reading The Leader's Blog.

Shortly before the result of the referendum was announced, The Leader posted a blog entry on the subject entitled "White Van Man-v- The Future" - I assume by "White Van Man" The Leader means people who have to drive vans as part of their job, and therefore don't get much of a choice about where they go and at what time. The working class, in other words. In this post, The Leader claims not to have any idea what the outcome of the referendum would be - this would make him very out of touch if true, because I was never in any serious doubt. Out of all the people I've talked to about this, I've only met three who admitted that they thought congestion charging was a good idea. But apparently, they were right and the rest of us are enemies of the future. If only I'd known this before I voted! At least The Leader has shown me the error of my ways. I'll follow his blog more closely in future, so he can let me know what to think, instead of me having to work it out on my own. You should do the same - just remember to get down on your knees while you read The Leader's Blog.

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