Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It looks like we've got more readers than we thought.

Apparently as a result of Gregg Beaman's excellent post about the grasping, money-grubbing MP Geraldine Smith, we've received the following email:

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that there is a link to one of our Standard Notes, about all women shortlists, on your blog site. Regrettably the table erroneously listed Geraldine Smith as being selected as a candidate at the 1997 general election as a result of being on an all women shortlist. I gather that this mistake has caused Ms Smith some embarrassment and we are very sorry that this has happened; the corrected note is now available at http://www.parliament.uk/commons/lib/research/briefings/snpc-05057.pdf.

Yours sincerely,

Isobel White

Isobel White
Parliament and Constitution Centre
House of Commons Library
1 Derby Gate


Fair enough. On behalf of the North West Branch of the Libertarian Party, I would like to withdraw the allegation that the grasping, money-grubbing MP Geraldine Smith got her job as a result of being on an all-women shortlist, and apologise if this has caused any offence or embarrassment to the greedy Ms Smith.

Of course you have to admit that it's an easy mistake for anyone to make, as the Labour Party do still make a habit of selecting some of their candidates on the basis of what's between their legs instead of what's between their ears - as demonstrated by current events in Wigan.

In the Libertarian Party, we're more interested in brains than plumbing, and we select our candidates accordingly. The Labour Party apparently see things differently.

Monday, 26 October 2009

The Nick Griffin Comedy Hour - Condensed Version

Sorry, I just couldn't resist posting this:

Apologies for the interruption to our regular service, we will shortly return to serious politics.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

October Meetup

This is a quick reminder to all our North West members (and anyone else who's interested in meeting us) that this month's regional meetup starts at 12.30pm tomorrow, Sunday 25 October in the Lounge Bar of the Royal Station Hotel in Carnforth. See you there.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Libertarian Party launches online Supporters’ Section

On behalf of the Libertarian Party I would like to announce the launch of the Supporters' section of our website.

The Party have introduced the Supporters' section of the website to help diseminate information about the Party to all those who are interested in the cause of liberty -- not just Party Members.

The Supporter's section of the website is aimed at all those who support liberty and wish to keep up to date with the Libertarian Party. We believe it will be of most interest to people who wish to find out a little more about the Party before they become members. But it may also be of interest to liberals and libertarians living outside of the UK or members of other political parties.

To become a Supporter is absolutely free and open to everyone regardless of age, nationality and current party affiliation. As a supporter you will receive regular updates on party campaigns, events and how you can help us in our quest to restore liberty to the United Kingdom.

So if you wish to become a Supporter of the UK's only Libertarian Party please sign up here.

Rob Waller
LPUK Web Director

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Who do MI5 work for?

There aren't many articles in the Guardian worth reading, but this one is.

Why am I not surprised?

Monday, 12 October 2009

If you're a WHITE person in Kirkdale, Steven Greenhalgh will fix your guttering.

The most curious thing about BNP leaflets these days is all the things that they DON'T mention.

Today I recieved a leaflet from former Staff Sergant Steven Greenhalgh, a self proclaimed "Kirkdale Patriot" contesting Kirkdale ward for the British National Party, who have now dubbed themselves "The Voice of The Silent Majority - YOUR VOICE".

Does "silent" in this context mean "white"?

If "silent" isn't just a code word for "white" I challenge Mr Greenhalgh to explain what he means by "silent" in this context.

To be fair to Mr Greenhalgh, there is NO MENTION of race, ethnicity or even immigration in his leaflet.

There's a good reason for that. IRRATIONAL HATE is a big turn off for voters. So what does the leaflet talk about?

Mostly Steven Greenhalgh's VOLUNTARY WORK.

I'm not kidding. There is actually a photo of Mr Greenhalgh up a ladder in a hi-vis vest with a bucket clearing out someone's guttering with the caption:

"Steven Greenhalgh working voluntarily for Kirkdale all year round".

I'm sorry for being long winded, but I'm going to quote Mr Greenhalgh's good deeds AT NAUSEATING LENGTH to give you a real taste of the BNP's charm offensive.

"Since my last news letter I have been involved in helping families with fly tipping problems, in most cases I managed to get the rubbish removed within 5 days. I have also cleared areas in Regal Walk, Hartley Close, Vesuvius Street, Vauxhall Road and more."

"In my last news letter I was helping a gentleman who lives in Stanley Road. He was in the RAF for 12 years and was initially refused a war pension, so I asked the Royal British Legion's appeals officer to get involved. He ended up recieving a one off payment of £2300, a very good result!"

"I have been a member of the Royal British Legion since 1993 and last year I raised a substantial ammount of money for them. I will be visiting most of the residential and care homes in Kirkdale again this year, to distribute poppies to people with difficulty getting out. I will be laying a poppy wreath on Remembrance Sunday on behalf of the Liverpool British National Party branch."

"I recieved a call from John who is a 72 year old pensioner who had bought a phone set from [major electrical store in Liverpool]. This set turned out to be faulty and he returned it to the store three times. Unfortunately, after his third visit he indvertently lost his reciept and the shop refused to give him another phone set or a refund even though most of the staff recognised him. We planned to picket and hand out leaflets to potential customers every Saturday morning. Before we did this, we spoke to the manager and explained what we were planning to do, straight away he conceded and gave John a full refund. Being proactive definitely works. Pensioners cannot afford to be ripped off by big company stores."

"I recieved a phone call from a lady who had vermin in the walls of her flat. Within 6 days I had the enviromental health out to get rid of the vermin."

What about LOCAL POLITICS? There is a little of that, but not much:

"After speaking with residents of this area, it is obvious more speed calming restrictions are needed before someone is killed or seriously injured by speeding vehicles along:

Delamore Street
Ruskin Street
Chirkdale Street
Selwyn Street
Roxburgh Street
Carisbrooke Road
Hale Road

I will be pushing for these restrictions to be put in place asap. If someone is is injured or killed, the blame should be with the Kirkdale councillors."

"After years of campaigning, the final set [Vesuvius Street flats] have been boarded up and preparations are taking place to demolish them, once the utilities have been cut off, demolition should start."

"a public open meeting soon turned into a private closed meeting when the local councillor and his henchmen realised I was there at thec request of an elderly gentleman who lives in Paul Orr Court. He wanted me to ask probing and awkward questions to the panel. The meeting was about proposed public transport in and around Eldonian Village. I don't know what they were trying to hide. So much for the transparency the Labour Party keep talking about."

"What YOUR prospective candidate wants:

* Youth programs - Get children off our street corners!
* Park Wardens - keep our parks clean and safe!
* Lower Council Tax - Cut council waste!
* Free public transport for school children!
* Support for small LOCAL businesses!
* More Street Bins - keep our community clean!

Steven Greenhalgh fighting for the community and the average person."

Sounds like something the Lib Dems would put out doesn't it?

"With thanks to Merseyside Police for their financial contributions we can afford to stand candidates in most constituencies in Merseyside."

So that's how the police REALLY feel about equal opportunities is it?

Friday, 2 October 2009

Droylsden East Labour Party: Are they completely clueless?

I watched a Labour Party member leafletting Fairfield Road in Droylsden (Tameside) the other day. He was very efficient, leafletting a house every 30 seconds. He even remembered to close each garden gate after him. It must be hard work leafletting an area for a political party. I've looked at the leaflet he was delivering now, and I wonder if he thinks it was worth the effort?

The leaflet is a glossy A3 sized effort entitled "the Droylsden East Rose". This is edited by Cllr Sue Quinn, one of the three Labour councillors who "represent" this ward (she's also the Deputy Mayor). Two thirds of the front page is dedicated to covering the recent Copperas Field fun day (basically a sort of local carnival/fete thing). The other third of the front page was dedicated to Labour basically congratulating themselves on having come first place locally in May's Euro elections. Of course a Euro election is a completely different thing from a local election. And Labour didn't do so well in the last local elections.

The back page has five different stories squeezed above the usual cut-out-and-send-back form asking for support. One story is about the re-opening of Littlemoss Memorial Gardens. Another story is about a campaign to bring back the old Droylsden Carnival. Why are Droylsden East Labour Party so heavily obsessed with circuses at a time when people are struggling to pay for bread?

Another bit is about how two of the councillors are members of the Droylsden FC supporters club. That's nice for them, but what's it got to do with council business or local politics?

One story is about Cllrs Kieran and Susan Quinn being opposed to Lord Mandleson's plan to sell part of Royal Mail. This plan seems to have been abandoned now, so why are they covering this? Maybe they are trying to distance themselves form an upopular government.

The last story does have some local relevance. It's short bit warning people not to vote for the BNP. I don't disagree with that, I hate the BNP as much as anyone. But it's funny that they don't give this more prominence, considering that the BNP came a close second in the last local election here.

The full results for the 2008 council election in Droylsden East were:

Jim Middleton (Labour) 1408 votes
David George Lomas (BNP) 1000 votes
Lee Anthony Robinson (Tory) 648 votes

Susan Quinn is up for re-election next year. If this is the best propoganda that the local Labour Party can come up with then she's in serious trouble. Droylsden is not that bad an area, but local people have local concerns that aren't being addressed at all. The biggest concern at the moment is the massive delays to traffic that are being caused by the roadworks around the crossing of Ashton Road and Market Street. This is because of the long-delayed and massively mishandled extension to the tram system and is causing massive delays at rush hour. You would think there would at least be an apology for the inconvenience in "Droylsden East Rose" instead of pointless rubbish about local carnivals. If local politicians ignore the concerns of local voters, then the voters will turn to any party that at least pretends to listen to them. And pretending to care about local issues is what the BNP's good at.

Labour could easily lose a seat in Droylsden East next May. If they do it will be their own fault. I wouldnt' like the BNP to win, because they're the only people I hate more than Labour, but voters want councillors who will take care of the practical business of keeping the town running smoothly, instead of patronising them with rubbish like this. If you don't believe me about hwo bad the local Labour group are have a look at thier blog and make your own mind up:


Almost anyone with a decent campaign could beat them.