Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Geraldine Smith-A Typical MP

Geraldine Smith, Member of Parliament for my constituency of Morecambe and Lunesdale, gets a bit gobby in the months leading up to a general election, and she's at it now.

But I have come across the following, from the Telegraph:

Geraldine Smith spent £235 on picture and £185 on mirror for London flat in August 2005. Bought Bali table lamp, floor lamp and three cushions for total of £620 one month later

The following are the Lancashire MEPs in a league table, from the Lancashire Evening Post, according to their annual expenses claims in 2007/08. Geraldine Smith is 37th out of 645:

4th...Ben Wallace (Wyre) - £175,523
8th...David Borrow (Leyland) - £172,706
37th...Geraldine Smith (Morecambe and Lunesdale) - £166,097
294th...Lindsay Hoyle (Chorley) - £148,685
368th...Rosie Cooper (West Lancashire) - £144,129
411th...Mark Hendrick (Preston) - £140,443
481st...Michael Jack (Fylde) - £134,316
570th...Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley) - £126,043

And this from the Lakeland Echo:

Geraldine Smith, MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, estimated she claimed between £100 and £400 a month, but said that did not cover her total food spend.

She said the claims helped cover the costs of feeding guests in London, meals at the Parliamentary canteen and groceries from a shop near her London flat.

Funny how the mill and factory workers Labour used to represent had to pay for their food when working, even if it was from a subsidised canteen. Not these parasites it seems.


Anonymous said...
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North Northwester said...

"Food spend!"


Everyone bloody eats - it's not an expense incurred solely as part of a parliamentarian's duties - it's a basic need for survival.

And how much does blood cost, anyway?

North Northwester said...


La Smith was in the Morecambe/Lancaster Asda yesterday inviting people to talk to 'their' MP. As a stroke of genius, she was wearing one of those soft non-plaster plaster casts. Aww...

I was tempted (but too much of a gentleman) to ask whether she was thinking about the Labour Party's sale of my daughter into debt slavery when she was choosing the lamp, mirror and cushions, and if so whether it was a really NICE lamp and worth the loss of job opportunities and higher cost of living she's helped to inflict on Tiny Northwester.

How much does my kid owe Gordon Brown's bankers now? £27,000 or something?

And Ben Wallace, 4th most expensive MP in the UK?! Makes me ashamed to be Tory...except he probably isn't one, deep down.

pagar said...

I notice a post has been removed here.

Can I ask why?

Citizen Stuart said...

The deleted comment was just a bit of spam, nothing to do with the subject matter of the blog. So don't worry, I haven't taken to deleting comments that disagree with us!