Monday, 8 June 2009

Election Fund Appeal

Now that the Libertarian Party has got its first local election out of the way, we need to be prepared for the next big event - which will be the General Election. That could still be a year away, or it may be imminent - at this point no-one can be sure, so we have to be ready now. We've got some candidates already, and others are currently going through the application process. But unfortunately, fighting general elections isn't something you can do on a shoestring. We need money, big huge piles of the stuff.

We urgently need to raise at least £10 000 to support our candidates. We're not the sort or outfit that has millionaire backers stuffing our pockets full of money, so we need to rely on our members and sympathisers. Please give £15 or whatever you can afford to make this happen, it will be going into a designated Election Fund.

The artwork and text for the leaflets is done and paid for.

Rob Waller and Andrew Withers are updating the database so that we can start putting out monthly newsletters and appeals letters.

If you can spare more please give more, if you are unemployed,an OAP or Student and cash is beyond tight, give that other form of capital, your time, it is just as valuable. You don't even have to be member of the Libertarian Party to donate.

Donate to LPUK link

Our first target is £10,000, but the more we raise, the more we can do.

How we would use your donations.

  • £10 lets us leaflet 1,000 people in areas where we are standing.

  • £50 allows us to organise a month's worth of Google Ads.

  • £100 helps to support for the activists on the ground for a week.

  • £200 will print 1000 posters for our supporters' windows.

  • £500 will pay for a month's worth of Facebook adverts.

  • £1,000 gives us the chance to hire halls and organise 10 open meetings for the public.

  • £2,500 pays for internet and blog newsletters and maintenance during the campaign.

  • £5,000 gives us the chance to rent a billboard in a town centre for a month.

  • £10,000 will pay for a full page advertisement in a national newspaper.

  • £25,000 lets us organise a candidate hustings in every constituency where we stand during the final week of the election.

  • £50,000 keeps the campaign up and running and increases the likely success of a return of Libertarian MPs.

  • £100,000 will get us the kind of media attention that only Stuart Wheeler has so far been able to generate elsewhere.

So please, be as generous as you can. Help us to help you to get the politics out of everyday life.

And remember, if you continue to vote the same, you will continue to get the same.

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