Friday, 5 June 2009

Our First Election Campaign - The Results

It looks like all the work put in by various members of the Libertarian Party to support our first candidate in the local elections has paid off. Here are the results of the election for the Wisbech South division of Cambridgeshire County Council:

Libertarian 140 (6.9%)
Conservative 930 (46.2%)
Labour 212 (10.5%)
"Liberal" Democrats 196 (9.7%)
UKIP 532 (26.4%)

That's not bad for an inexperienced candidate representing a fairly new, unknown party in what has traditionally been considered a rock-solid safe Tory seat. This is mostly due to the hard work of our candidate Andrew Hunt, who has shown what can be achieved using limited resources if you focus on the issues that local people care about. Nice one Andrew!

Not only has this campaign raised the Libertarian Party's profile but it has provided us with valuable experience of electioneering which should stand us in good stead when we start fighting election campaigns here in the North West - that could be this year or next, but it will be soon.


Julian H said...

Not as bad as it seemed the first time I heard the result. There are undoubtedly some libertarian voters sticking to us LDs or the Tories, so presumably your job from hereon is to find them.

Well done on the first jump into the murky world of electoral politics (!)

Gregg said...

Good result for a first time. That would save our deposit in a parliamentary election.

North Northwester said...

More than half what Labour polled - well done!
I'd rather the libertarians were re-inoculating the Tory Party with more freedom stuff as they did back in the day, but still and all that's a damn good showing by any measure.

What happened in Lancaster Rural North Gregg? Hornby mafia kept you off the ballot paper, did they?