Friday, 2 October 2009

Droylsden East Labour Party: Are they completely clueless?

I watched a Labour Party member leafletting Fairfield Road in Droylsden (Tameside) the other day. He was very efficient, leafletting a house every 30 seconds. He even remembered to close each garden gate after him. It must be hard work leafletting an area for a political party. I've looked at the leaflet he was delivering now, and I wonder if he thinks it was worth the effort?

The leaflet is a glossy A3 sized effort entitled "the Droylsden East Rose". This is edited by Cllr Sue Quinn, one of the three Labour councillors who "represent" this ward (she's also the Deputy Mayor). Two thirds of the front page is dedicated to covering the recent Copperas Field fun day (basically a sort of local carnival/fete thing). The other third of the front page was dedicated to Labour basically congratulating themselves on having come first place locally in May's Euro elections. Of course a Euro election is a completely different thing from a local election. And Labour didn't do so well in the last local elections.

The back page has five different stories squeezed above the usual cut-out-and-send-back form asking for support. One story is about the re-opening of Littlemoss Memorial Gardens. Another story is about a campaign to bring back the old Droylsden Carnival. Why are Droylsden East Labour Party so heavily obsessed with circuses at a time when people are struggling to pay for bread?

Another bit is about how two of the councillors are members of the Droylsden FC supporters club. That's nice for them, but what's it got to do with council business or local politics?

One story is about Cllrs Kieran and Susan Quinn being opposed to Lord Mandleson's plan to sell part of Royal Mail. This plan seems to have been abandoned now, so why are they covering this? Maybe they are trying to distance themselves form an upopular government.

The last story does have some local relevance. It's short bit warning people not to vote for the BNP. I don't disagree with that, I hate the BNP as much as anyone. But it's funny that they don't give this more prominence, considering that the BNP came a close second in the last local election here.

The full results for the 2008 council election in Droylsden East were:

Jim Middleton (Labour) 1408 votes
David George Lomas (BNP) 1000 votes
Lee Anthony Robinson (Tory) 648 votes

Susan Quinn is up for re-election next year. If this is the best propoganda that the local Labour Party can come up with then she's in serious trouble. Droylsden is not that bad an area, but local people have local concerns that aren't being addressed at all. The biggest concern at the moment is the massive delays to traffic that are being caused by the roadworks around the crossing of Ashton Road and Market Street. This is because of the long-delayed and massively mishandled extension to the tram system and is causing massive delays at rush hour. You would think there would at least be an apology for the inconvenience in "Droylsden East Rose" instead of pointless rubbish about local carnivals. If local politicians ignore the concerns of local voters, then the voters will turn to any party that at least pretends to listen to them. And pretending to care about local issues is what the BNP's good at.

Labour could easily lose a seat in Droylsden East next May. If they do it will be their own fault. I wouldnt' like the BNP to win, because they're the only people I hate more than Labour, but voters want councillors who will take care of the practical business of keeping the town running smoothly, instead of patronising them with rubbish like this. If you don't believe me about hwo bad the local Labour group are have a look at thier blog and make your own mind up:

Almost anyone with a decent campaign could beat them.


john in cheshire said...

I love the bnp and hope to God that they are elected everywhere. I wish that the socialists are crushed into the earth, so completely that they never rise again only to be culled by the scythe of justice. I hope that the BNP are elected to expel all the ethnics from these shores. I wish to live long enough to be able to go out and for a week not see an ethnic. to see only white people. I wish to spend the remaining days of my life in a country into which I was born.
If it was in my power to cull the intellectually deficient who what allowed what has become our country, I would gladly be their executioner.

Citizen Stuart said...

Thank you for the comment, Herr Goebels. I also would like to see socialism destroyed as a political force.

Especially the national socialist BNP.