Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Vaclav Klaus as EU President refuses to be bullied

As the Czech Republic takes over the rotating European Union presidency, Czech President Vaclav Klaus lays out his thoughts for the next 6 months as the comic Napoleonic style of the diminutive French President Nicholas Sarkozy is finally cast aside.

Klaus makes very clear that he will not be pushed or bullied by the Righteous in Brussels, not will he succumb to the kind of threat that was all to visible with the Commission's last visit to the Czech Republic where he refused to fly the EU flag in preference to his own National flag.

I have a good deal of respect for this man who knows only too well what the slide into an authoritarian super state will mean, not just for his own Czech countrymen, but for all of the 'citizens' of this fabricated Western model of the USSR.

The next 6 months of the Czech EU Presidency will be a telling one, but probably more than anything it will show everyone just how intolerant the political elite in Brussels has become as their end game is nearly in sight, and will employ every dirty trick in the book to limit the Klaus effect.

This attempt to undermine Klaus has already begun as highlighted for us by Longrider, and as he shows, they are already clearly rattled.

It is clear that Vaclav Klaus will upset a lot of people in Brussels, but we can be certain that this man of the people will stand proud for us all.

You can read this Vision for Europe by Vaclav Klaus, 'Do not tie the markets, Free them', in the FT here.

We wish Mr Klaus good fortune in this most difficult role that he has undertaken.

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