Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Today Europe, Tomorrow Oblivion!

The mainstream media's made a bit of a fuss today about Nasty Nick Griffin taking his seat in the European Clown Parliament. Certainly his loyal followers who worked almost as hard to get him there as the media will have been celebrating:

But so what? Personally, I'm not going to lose any sleep over the fact that the North West is now partly "represented" in the clown parliament by this fascist knuckle dragger. What's he going to do, set up the Fourth Reich almost single-handed? Even if he had a majority of MEPs instead of just one, he still wouldn't have the ability to do any real harm. The European Parliament is almost powerless and only exists to provide a democratic veneer to the bureacratic swamp that is the European Union.

The only practical result of Nutty Nick becoming an MEP is that he's not going to be showing his face much in Britain for the next few years, which is OK by me (and probably with his rivals in the BNP). Instead he'll be alternating between Brussells and Strasbourg, pretending to be a serious politician and no doubt taking the opportunity to stuff his pockets with whatever expenses and other goodies are available. Let him strut around pretending he actually is someone in the fantasy parliament - personally I prefer to stick to real politics in the real world.

In ten years time, will anyone even remember Nick Griffin?


Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the appeal of 'simple solutions' to a people who have grown tired of being told what to do by just about everyone else. When people have been sufficiently abused by authorities, they just want the searchlight to move on to someone else: it doesn't matter much whom, as long as the pressure comes off.

Economic conditions are not going to get easier for years to come. Social unrest is increasing, which always leads to more authoritarian rule, first against the people in general, and then against the scapegoat communities.

Griffin is NOT a 'knuckle dragger'. He has moulded a party that was a political backwater joke into one that currently commands a million votes. It is irrelevant that most of those votes may be 'protest' votes: the next election could see 10 million or more 'protest' votes.

If the Libertarian Party wants to put Griffin in his place, then it better take him seriously, it better show clearly the errors of BNP policy, and it better promote its own policies.

The British people are really turned off by the ad hominen, yah-boo bullshit they've come to expect from politicians. A fresh and objective approach by the Libertarians might just be the thing that pushes the far right back where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

I did agree with everything he said in his first speech, despise hating the man.

Autonomous said...

... And who are you?

sound money man said...

If anyone fancies a trolling expedition to the BNP forums, I've got two questions for the BNP's supporters:

1. Why does Nick Griffin have the same economic policies as Barack Obama?

2. How come Polish immigrants can join the BNP but black people who were born in Britain can't?