Sunday, 6 December 2009

North West Regional Meetup, 13th December

Just a quick reminder that on Sunday 13th December, there will be another regional Libertarian party meetup in the Lounge Bar of the Royal Station Hotel in Carnforth, Lancashire, starting about 12.30pm. This is just across the road from the famous railway station which was used as a location for the film "Brief Encounter". This is a nice bar that does decent food - the Station Burgers are both reasonably priced and very filling. It's also intended that this meetup should serve as the Christmas get-together for Libertarians in the region, as the next meetup will be in January (exact date to be decided shortly).

Both of these meetups are open to anyone interested in libertarian ideas, if you'd like to come along, talk about libertarianism and see if we're the sort of party that you'd like to support.

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