Wednesday, 18 February 2009

How Liberal are you?

Created by LPUK

That's my score. It would have been 100%, but I do believe that knocking off foreign tyrants is sometimes justified. That's not currently the Libertarian Party's policy though. Why don't you take the test yourself and see how you do?


sound money man said...

I'm 100% classical liberal according to that test. Unfortunately, the word "liberal" has come to mean the opposite of that. Same story with the word "conservative". I'm curious as to why the test wasn't entitled: "How Libertarian Are You?"

Citizen Stuart said...

As far as I'm concerned, "liberal" and "libertarian" mean the same thing. Just because the statists have hijacked that word doesn't mean we've got to go along with it.

sound money man said...

In that case, we'll just have to explain to the public that "liberal" doesn't mean "Nick Clegg" or "middle of the road".