Monday, 23 February 2009

Libertarian Party Leader's First TV Appearance

A few days ago, Ian Parker-Joseph, Leader of the Libertarian Party, took part in a TV political discussion panel programme for Sky TV, called "Forum". The subject of this episode was "How corrupt are our MPs?". Also on the panel with Ian were Matthew Sinclair (Taxpayers' Alliance), Ian Senior (Author of "Corruption: the world's big C") and Michael White (former political editor of The Guardian). The programme was hosted by Nick Ferrari.

It was recorded last week, and is being broadcast tomorrow, Tuesday 24th February at 8.06pm on Channel 515, Press TV. It'll be repeated on Wednesday at 2.06am.

Ian says it went well, he was a bit nervous at first (this being his first time on TV) but reckons he did OK over all. I look forward to seeing for myself. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the programme as it's transmitted - I can't afford good stuff like satellite TV at the moment - but fortunately episodes of "Forum" are archived here so I'll watch it when it's posted.

If you can't wait for the TV programme, and would like to here Ian's thoughts on the current state of the UK and the role of the Libertarian Party in putting things right, he recently did a pretty good podcast, which you can listen to here. Definitely worth a listen.

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