Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Geraldine Smith MP – Coward or Bully?

Gregg being out of the country at the moment, and unable to access the North West Libertarians blog, he called me up to ask me to copy this post across from his personal blog. Frankly, I was stunned when he told me what had happened - whatever else is wrong with our elected politicians, we do generally expect them to at least keep to a civilised standard of behaviour. The full text of Gregg's post follows below:

Tonight, Tuesday 10 November, I was sat with my wife having a quiet drink in the centre of Brugge. Then my mobile rang, so I felt I should answer it, I was extremely concerned as it was my elderly father, and something was obviously wrong. My parents were distraught and I had to calm them down, they are both elderly and quite vulnerable and not in the best of health.

So what had happened? Well tonight they received an extremely unpleasant, threatening phone call from my local Member of Parliament, Geraldine Smith. She apparently "ranted and raved" about their only son, threatening to sue me, take me to court etc. because of some comments on my blog. I think I have soothed them without the need to return home early, I hope so, even though they were both obviously badly shaken.

It seems that a post of mine in June quoted a House of Commons library source that was wrong, she (Smith) had not, it seems, been on a women only shortlist in 1997. In effect, I had been misled by the House of Commons. Nothing new there then! Sorry about that and I will perhaps seek an apology myself.

Now then, to matters now. With all her allowances it took the genius team of Geraldine Smith nearly 6 months to pick that up. As they said nothing to my parents, or another blog I write for, anything about her expenses claims, which I also wrote about in June, I assume she is happy with that piece.

You can visit both posts if you track back, using the side bar, to my June 2009 blog posts.

So next time you want to throw your weight around Geraldine, pick on me, not my elderly parents.

That's that. I would now like you to apologise to my parents. If you haven't when I return then I will take matters further.

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Gregg's Blog said...

Thanks Stuart. The old bag has just been on the phone on to me droning on about it still. She really needs to get a life.

Of course I don't expect her to be big enough to apologise to my parents and she doesn't seem to see that the way she went about threatening me, via them, was wrong.

Coward and bully I think, surprised she's not in the Cabinet.