Friday, 13 November 2009

Proposed Wirral Meeting

Libertarianism is growing and needs to grow much more. There will be a General Election next year and local government elections in many areas in May. Everybody who wants to see less government interference in the lives of ordinary people, lower taxes, a more effective criminal justice system and lower taxes should now be contributing to an effective alternative to the major parties which offer nothing but more of the same and inexorable movement towards national bankruptcy.

As another stage in building the Libertarian challenge to our incompetent government and its ineffective opposition I am planning to start regular monthly meetings in the Wirral part of the north west region. Dates are not yet fixed, but from taliking to one or two people the most likely choices are evening meetings on a Tuesday or Wednesday. No place has yet been fixed. It is most likely to be a pub in Birkenhead or within a few miles of there.

The meetings are intended to be friendly, informal and not limited to LPUK members. Anybody who thinks that Libertarianism might be for them is welcome to come along, check us out and chat.

If Wirral would be closer for you than Manchester or Carnforth I will be very interested to hear any suggestions for day, time and venues for meetings. I am likely to finalise arrangements for the first meeting shortly after the national AGM/conference on 28 November so I would like any suggestions by then.

If you use Facebook there is also an unofficial north west Libertarians Facebook Group where you can keep up with meetings and take part in discussions:

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Citizen Stuart said...

I'll try and make it if the shift pattern in my new job allows.