Saturday, 23 January 2010

BNP Prank Call: "Hello, I'm a black gay jew."

Kirkdale's answer to Lord Haw Haw, Steven Greenhalgh, put another BNP newsletter through my door this week.

His last effort was remarkably slippery. There was no mention of race at all. He didn't even talk about immigration. He focused on local people and local issues exclusively. If you removed all references to the BNP, you would probably think that the last leaflet emanated from the Liberal Democrats.

If the BNP refuse to talk about racial scapegoating, militarism and fascism, it gets harder for anti-fascists to point out the real agenda of this party and warn people accordingly.

However, with his latest offering, Steven Greenhalgh has reverted to type.


Margaret is the apocryphal white British pensioner whose picture was stolen from Google Images and whose tragic, fictional life story has appeared on many BNP leaflets over the years.

Margaret wishes that she could claim asylum in order to enjoy the bountiful harvest of the British state that only foreigners are able to claim:

1. Her rent, council tax, water rates, insurance, electricity, gas and telephone bills would all be picked up by the taxpayer.
2. She'd be sent right to the front of the housing cue.
3. We'd replace that old cooker and put in full central heating
4. She'd be given a brand new 20" screen colour TV - and have the licence fee paid every year.
5. We'd even pay to have her windowsleaned every 12 weeks.

Confronted with nonsense like that, what can you say?

Its the ultimate case of "bullshit baffles brains". Don't believe that the BNP are a bunch of Nazis?

Why not phone them up and ask?

This is one little stunt that you should definitely try at home!

You might want to withold your number.

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