Saturday, 9 January 2010

Coping With The Big Chill

In the interests of supporting the community during the current arctic conditions, the following is copied verbatim from the Manchester Evening News:

Vital numbers to help keep the vulnerable safe
January 08, 2010

POLICE and care organisations have advised people to make sure the vulnerable and elderly are OK during the freezing weather.

In emergencies people should still call 999 and also use 0161-872-5050 to report crimes. But in most cases, people should t contact their neighbourhood policing teams on the numbers listed below. People can also contact Age Concern on 0800 00 99 66.


Urmston and Partington: 0161-856-7684

Stretford: 0161-856-7655

Sale: 0161-856-7865

Altrincham: 0161-856-7530


Tameside West: 0161-856-9390

Tameside North: 0161-856-9350

Tameside East: 0161-856-9511

Tameside South: 0161-856-9484


Stockport Central: 0161-856-5902

Stockport North: 0161-856-9786

Stockport East: 0161-856-9973

Stockport West: 0161-856-9770

South Manchester

Chorlton: 0161-856-4784

Northenden: 0161-856-4546

Didsbury: 0161-856-4973

Wythenshawe: 0161-856-4882


Salford North: 0161-856-5228

Salford East: 0161-856-5127

Salford Central: 0161-856-5084

Salford South: 0161-856-5317

Salford West: 0161-856-5284


Rochdale North: 0161-856-9961

Rochdale South: 0161-856-8549

Heywood: 0161-856-8589

Middleton: 0161-856-8701

Pennine: 0161-856-4556


Oldham town centre: 0161-856-8903

Oldham West: 0161-856-8927

Oldham East: 0161-856-9028

Failsworth and Hollinwood: 0161-856-8914

Royton and Shaw: 0161-856-8983

Chadderton: 0161-856-8825

Saddleworth and Lees: 0161-856-4524

North Manchester

City centre: 0161-856-3221

Crumpsall and Cheetham: 0161-856-3925

Charlestown and Higher Blackley: 0161-856-4027

Moston and Harpurhey: 0161-856-4502

Ancoats, Clayton, Miles Platting and Newton Heath: 0161-856-3521

Bradford: 0161-856-3502


Ramsbottom: 0161-856-8181

Bury West: 0161-856-8025

Bury East: 0161-856-8127

Radcliffe: 0161-856-8291

Whitefield: 0161-856-8204

Prestwich: 0161-856-4538


Pemberton: 0161-856-7188

Wigan: 0161-856-7124

Hindley: 0161-856-7436

Leigh: 0161-856-7225

Atherton: 0161-856-7319

Bolton Bolton Central: 0161 856 5619 Bolton East: 0161 856 5761 Bolton South: 0161 856 5608 Bolton West: 0161 856 5689 Metropolitan Gorton and Levenshulme: 0161 856 4288 Longsight & Arwick: 0161 856 4223Moss Side & Hulme: 0161 856 4466Fallowfield, Rusholme & Whalley Range: 0161 856 4423

Obviously those numbers are specific to Greater Manchester. If you know of any other useful contact details, feel free to list them in the comments section.

Obviously as stories such as this one and the inadequetly-gritted roads show, we can't rely on officialdom to offer much help in a situation like this. So if you know any old, handicapped or otherwise vulnerable people in your neighbourhood, please take the time to check up on them and give what assistance you can.

Personally, I'm going to have a quick bite to eat after I've posted this and then I'm going out with a spade to see if I can clear some of the ice and snow from my road - there's no chance of the council doing anything, they haven't even bothered filling our salt bin this year.

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