Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Next Two North West Meetups

The next informal meetup of the Libertarian Party will be held in the Kro2 Bar on Oxford Road, Manchester, starting around 1.00pm on Saturday 23rd January. This is not just for party members, anyone interested in finding out more about us is more than welcome to come, it's very informal. We usually grab a table close to the entrance and in front of the bar (saves walking), so you should find us quite easily. Watch out for the scruffy geezer wearing a green combat jacket and carring a document wallet with a Libertarian Party poster taped to the front - that'll be me.

The following Sunday 31st January, we'll be meeting up again at our other regular watering hole, the Royal Station Hotel in Carnforth, Lancashire. We usually start about 12.30pm in the Lounge Bar (don't worry about missing lunch, the pub does good food - although those Station Burgers definitely aren't helping me lose weight).

With the elections coming up in May, subjects of conversation are likely to include how best to prepare ourselves for our first electoral challenge in the region, how we can develop the North West branch more effectively and the possiblity of organising some leafletting days.

Also it's possible that we'll be doing some drinking.

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