Monday, 15 March 2010

Andrew Mwenda Verbally Bitch Slaps Bono

The reality of aid from taxpayers in developed nations to the incompetent, dictatorial and corrupt governments of third world nations is pretty gruesome.

Ugandan entreprenuerAndrew Mwenda tells the unvarnished truth in a remarkably tactful and diplomatic way.

To be honest, if he wanted to shout "WTF have you done to my continent you stupid bastards?" I think he'd be perfectly justified in doing so. I think that's what I would do in his position.

Foreign aid has an awful way of enlarging government in the poorest countries. It rewards precisely those nations that are the furthest away from "good governance".

I'm strongly reminded of Nigerian singer Fela Kuti's words in You Be Thief (Authority Stealing).

Instead of workers
We have officials
Instead of buses
Them dey ride motor-car
Instead of motorcycle
Na helicopter
Instead of them waka
Na worker go waka for them

Authority people them go dey steal
Public contribute plenty money
Na authority people dey steal
Authority man no dey pickpocket
Na petty cash him go dey pick
Armed robber him need gun
Authority man him need pen
Authority man in charge of money
Him no need gun, him need pen
Pen got power gun no get
If gun steal eighty thousand naira
Pen go steal two billion naira


john in cheshire said...

And Mr Mwenda did it with such panache, it was a pleasure to watch and listen to him. I would love to have seen bono's face after hearing this presentation.

Anonymous said...

Fela Kuti on drug prohibition (and being tested at immigration):

"Don't turn my shit to expensive shit, it's my shit no exhibit!"

He's great for anti-state quotes.