Sunday, 14 March 2010

Faux-Libertarian Muppetry

Last night, a faux-libertarian muppet on a Ron Paul message board accused me of "advocating government" because I defended libertarians who are active in the legal political processes.

I was defending people who:

1. Vote.
2. Support political candidates.
3. Join political parties.
4. Donate money to campaigns.

Bear in mind that Mr Muppet wasn't saying "don't vote for this party" or "don't vote for that candidate". It was just a blanket condemnation. Don't vote for ANYONE. Don't support ANY party, movement or campaign. If you do, you're "part of the problem".

O.K. so we've established that Mr Muppet didn't just think that the political process was futile, he thought that any participation in it was actively evil.

So you can probably anticipate my next question for Mr Muppet.

What action do you advocate against the state?

Apparently, the answer was "NONE".

Well, isn't that absolutely flaming marvellous?

I bet the leaders of the banking cartel and military industrial complex are shitting their pants at the prospect of "do nothing" politics catching on.

Oh already has caught on. Most people are not politcally active at all are they?

The only difference between Mr Muppet and your average apolitical person would be his misplaced sense of personal superiority.

Let's be clear, this wasn't just a case of "I'm not doing anything personally". It was more a case of "no action is required by anyone to combat the state".

He didn't advocate agorism either.

I wish I could say that Mr Muppet was just an isolated case. But he isn't.

As much as I enjoy visiting Libertarian websites and reading sensible articles on the police state, economics, etc. the Faux-Libertarian Muppetry keeps popping up.

Even Canadian cult leader Stefan Molyneux advises his acolytes to pay their taxes in full and on time.

So this particular brand of "anarchism" and "resistance to the state" ammounts to:

No political process. No agorism. No civil disobediance.

Just lots of holier-than-thou cockwaffle and finger wagging.

UPDATE: Faux-Libertarian Muppetry is becoming so popular with children that a Tickle Me Anarchist Toy has been released.


Roger Thornhill said...

This is being unfair to Muppets.

At least a muppet has the excuse of somebody else's thumb up their arse.

sound money man said...

Aha! Good observation Roger.

I've actually located some amusing video footage of a faux-libertarian childrens toy.

I'll add it to the blog post.