Thursday, 11 March 2010

Keep your curtains closed? Pay with cash?

According to this government ad on Talksport radio, I'm already a terror suspect.

I don't even live on a bus route!

So if you have a score to settle with your neighbours or you just want to wind up the spooks a little, give the anti-terror hotline a call on 0800 789 321.

Personally, I suspect that the shooting of an innocent electrician wasn't just some outlandish cock-up on the part of the authorities.

I don't have conclusive proof of that.

But then using cash and keeping my curtains closed isn't very substantive either is it?


john in cheshire said...

I reckon we should start reporting police stations to the police. they are very suspicious places and the people who come and go are certainly not desirable. then there are the crims who go there too.

sound money man said...

@john: Nice idea. That would be a good premise for a prank call.