Saturday, 6 February 2010

British Army To Patrol Streets

This article in from the Independent outlines plans to deploy British troops in order to deal with the fabled terrorist bogeyman.

"Anti-Terror" legislation has already been used by local councils to spy on people who over-filled their wheelie bins or sent their kids to selective schools outside their appointed catchment area.

So, I'm wondering who the real threat is this time.

I'm guessing that the real threat to our political class is the general public once the sovereign debt crisis explodes over our heads.


Roger Thornhill said...

Ah, but will it be the "British" Army by then or this new joint force with France and Germany.

Think ahead and if you are a sensible Federast, you would deploy non-local forces to do such work. China does it on purpose and I expect the EU to do the same.

I do not think our Defence Minister to be in a conspiracy, but I am absolutely certain he is a Useful Idiot for the plans of others.

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sound money man said...

Good point Roger. There is a very good chance that any troops deployed will not be British themselves.

You are also right about "useful idiots" in government.

Typically, ministers are only as good as the briefings they recieve.

Citizen Stuart said...

"One proposal due to be considered, according to Whitehall officials, was the formation of a rapid reaction force which could be deployed to counter Mumbai-style terrorist attacks and carry out swift operations outside the country."

Being as our current victim disarmament laws make a Mumbai-type attack so easy as to be almost inevitable, I would actually be all in favour of a rapid reaction force. Troops actually patrolling the streets would be a different matter, but the report doesn't seem to be suggesting this. I also don't see how the video of the Pakistanis being interviewed proves anything, it's just some people expressing a belief (and I get the impression that a lot of people in the Muslim world are quite prone to conspiracy theories).

The video on sovereign debt was quite interesting, and deserves a post of its own. Even if we manage to avoid getting into a Weimar Germany-style hperinflation scenario, I don't for one moment believe that our economic troubles are over.

sound money man said...

Stuart, I'm glad you liked the video on sovereign debt.

As you suggested, I'll do a fresh post on the subject.

However, I can't agree that the Pakistani youths on that video were "conspiracy theorists".

Muslims view Bin Laden in the same way that cockneys view Dick Van Dyke's chimney sweep character in Mary Poppins.

Even this BBC documentary acknowledges that Al Qaeda does not exist:

The fabled "base" is just a list of jihadis on the CIA payroll who fought the soviets during the 1980s.