Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Google Merchant bans Alex Jones.

Google loves to censor.

When they are not acting as lackeys for the the Chinese Communist Party, they like to oppose westerners who tell the truth about global corporatism.

The most notable example is filmaker and talk radio host Alex Jones.

I've often said that if an article is published by a news agency like Reuters or Associated Press then no-one will bat an eyelid until Alex Jones reads it out verbatim at which point people will call him a "conspiracy nut".

He's an aggregator who selects information that is critical of Big Government.

Keep up the good work Alex. You're having an effect!


Anonymous said...

Alex jones is an anti semitic bigot

sound money man said...

@Anon: If Alex Jones is "anti-semitic" then why does he support Peter Schiff for the US Congress?

Why does he have guests from the Mises Institute on his show (Lew Rockwell)?

Check out the wikipedia pages for Mises and Schiff. Both Jews!

A moments investigation would reveal that you are wrong.

So who are you shilling for anon?